Participation Capstone

Supermoon 2014

Supermoon 2014


This was an opportunity for me to be reminded of issues that I have investigated over the past eleven plus years. As a digital user and virtual developer and teacher, these are concerns I faced in those roles. Digital growth is phenomenal. This exploration opened up new responses to my early concerns and brought to light new questions, searches and possible answers. I have assiduously avoided social media as those around me have jumped in. I am still unwillling to participate in the social media of sites like Facebook and Twitter. My concerns for personal vulnerability are so strong, and I honestly do not know how people fulfill the responsibilities of their lives of family and work and find time to post and tweet.


I have, however, found the use of wordpress as a blog tool, quite inviting. Perhaps I’ll continue after completing the TOOL. I have only published one book, a collection of poems. The process was very demanding. Writing, proofing, editing and re-editing entailed a fairly lengthy and demanding process. It remains to be seen if I can let go of those demands and just blog.


This Participation quest provided me with a lot of new resources for vetting digital information. It introduced me to some new content to which I’ll return in the future. I have been reminded of the essentials of netiquette and the requirements for authentic digital citizenship. Finally, after having had my own brushes with outside infection, I am more vigilant than ever in protecting the integrity of all of my digital devices.

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