Participate 3.1.1 Digital Access


The use of the Internet and other digital technology is a critical segment of core subjects that our students must learn to be educated citizens in the 21st century. It is also a critical knowledge base for citizens beyond school age.

There are many communities that are reaching out to make digital access more available to people who need more tools to be full digital citizens. In communities across the nation, almost every public library is providing computers, fast access and training. In my area, however, it is sad to see that the public libraries have significantly curtailed their hours because of economic reasons. Some do not open at all on Saturday…a true loss to students and adults who have Monday through Friday responsibilities. Sunday hours do exist at some libraries, but have been cut at others.

Here are a few worthy providers.

The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) teaches literacy skills at three computer centers.

The New Mexico State Library’s Fast Forward New Mexico project provides literacy skills and small business development workshops at public and tribal libraries in the state.

The Texas State Library & Archives Commission has upgraded public computer centers at 11 libraries throughout the state.

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