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Writing on the web

Writing on the web

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On my quest I found a site with a resource that has become part of my daily tool belt.  Surely I will never abandon PowerPoint, but Haiku Deck has features that I am using every day.  It has become my “blog favorite.”  Before latching onto it, however, I did some searching to find out what kind of reputation it has.  This is something we can teach our students to do.  Any number of times I have had a “must have” item for me or someone in my family that I never purchased.  That’s because I went to and read the reviews.  As there are reviews for goods, there are also reviews for digital resources.

I revisited  It is an excellent tool for students and teachers.  But, there is sometimes a “buyer beware” here.  I check this site and before I assign an activity there.  Teachers are human and make mistakes.  I have found them on both sites.  It requires some vigilance to send students to the web.

If we as teachers maintain a relationship of trust and patience, we can hope that our students will come to us with questions they have about the reliability of a particular site.  We need to communicate that this is part of our role as a “coach” to the class.

TOOL is a time and mind filling activity.  For awhile, at least, my free online time will be limited.  When this comes to a close, I am going after  It looks like there is an endless list of resources for learning and entertainment.  One of the safeguards we must share with our students is not to get lost in a website with “eat as much as you want” menus.  It is too easy to lose focus, spend a lot of time, and still not find what your really need.


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