Participate 2.1.1 Sites , tools, etc. on the web


What do you think?

What do you think?

Thinglink This is a free tool (to teachers) to activate your images.  When you watch the video, you’ll see so many ways to use it for online students.  You could give information or use it as an assessment tool with your students.  It is very cool-looking. iPiccy is a freebie that will allow students and teachers to do some of the basic photo-editing you need without the expense of Phtoshop. Easelly is a free site where you can use their templates or load your own and make posters, charts, graphs, etc.  This looks like a great site for teachers and students because the process is easy.  You do not need design background to do these. Info.grams lets you create a different type of interactive info graph.  In addition to creating charts,you can load and edit your Excel files.  Then they can be saved as PNG or PDF files to add to presentations or email to colleagues. Teachers and students can use embed code to enrich content and presentations.  One of the easiest to get code from is YouTube, which is a treasure trove of educational information.

Please look here:

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