Participate 1.1.1 Digital Citizenship?




Digital citizenship will continue to shape our future. What are characteristics of good digital citizens?

To fully participate virtually, good digital citizens require up-to-date equipment and high-speed connections.  Schools and libraries must keep abreast with the best equipment and software programs to accommodate the needs of the citizens who depend on them.

(International Journal of Communication, Mossberg et al, 2012.


Good digital citizens depend on information from vetted websites whose information has been proven to be authentic and reliable.

A good digital citizen thinks before posting.  A falsehood, an untruth about a person or group or a bad reputation is merely a click away, and it is permanent.  Once it is published for all to see, it will remain there forever.

Your personal and professional reputations will be largely formed by how others perceive your digital behavior.  Having the reputation of being a good digital citizen is one of the greatest assets in today’s world.



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