Navigate 2.1.2 Recorded Session Quest


Comparing available programs for synchronous instruction

Adobe Connect Web-ex Go To Mtg. BigBlueButton Collaborate
Video conference Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Desktop sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use videos Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Share files Yes Yes Yes PDF’s Yes
Share applications Yes Yes No No Yes
Whiteboard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
For Profit Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Participants /use tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

At the very beginning, synchronous sessions can be a challenge.  All of the tools are wonderful, but sometimes you feel like you need two hands and a hand for the mouse to stay on top of the activity.  When the participants are active, the sessions are invigorating.  My biggest challenge is to remember to click the talk button if the system is one that allows only one speaker at a time.  Sharing video, audio, images and files with the participants  moves us toward the goal of offering differentiated learning.

When students are full-time virtual learners, or when part-time students for a course have an unavoidable absence, having the recording to share is extremely valuable.  Additionally, teachers can record sessions to be inserted in the course as a part of the content.  Now an added beauty for many of these programs is that participants can access them on a variety of devices.  The barriers to learning just keep being overcome by developing technology.

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