Navigate 2.1.4 Lecture Capture Quest



Lecture Capture has many uses and benefits.  These videos not only provide immediate learning opportunities, they also develop an archive of content that will be available for reference purposes.  Technology now provides accessible and inexpensive products to produce these videos.  The teacher can make the video quite simple or with media enhancements.  One beauty is that anyone can use this teaching/learning tool.

One of the advantages of the lecture capture is that the instructor can individualize the video to meet varied styles of learning and the needs of an individual student or group of students.  Students can stop, rewind, fast forward as their needs dictate.

In ELL we talk about teaching chunks of language.  Students can assimilate language in chunks that they can then connect.  Lecture capture is perfect for “chunking” information.  They can be short videos.  When I looked at Khan Academy, I saw that this is a technique they utilize.  Students can often learn more complex concepts if they are presented in chunks.

Lecture Capture is a ideal instrument for world language teachers.  Students can use lecture capture for teachers to review give feedback.  Lecture capture can also be used as an assessment tool.  In addition to world languages, this is a great tool for any part of the curriculum that requires a performance component.

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