Navigate 3.1.2 Creation and Investigation into Courses



My experience with developing courses spans 10 years and 3 LMS’s.  My first was with the then E-College, then Blackboard and then Desire 2 Learn.  I developed or co-developed the first foreign language courses for Georgia Virtual School.  In my current position I am still developing in D2L.  I wanted to look at Chalktalk examples since I have had no experience with them.  I set up accounts with Blackboard, with Canvas and with Haiku.  None of the three would accept and open the zipped file provided in TOOL.  Canvas had options for zipped and D2l zipped, but neither of those would function.

However, I can speak to the process. Once the shell has been set up,  the developer or teacher developing will set up a homepage with teacher information, widgets for resources (and other items), and news items.  If the organization allows, the developer can set up themes, appearance and nav bars.  The content area is set up according to the system accepted by the school.  I set up Units and items.  The first unit includes the syllabus, student responsibilities,  and an intro to the course.  Content can be developed directly into the content items or loaded.  This can include files, images and videos, as well as text.  The grade book must be set up using the percentages that have been determined.

Once this initial work has been competed, the teacher can set up the checklists, drop boxes, and discussions.  Students can be divided into sections and or groups as needed.  The seating chart can be set up to be used for chronicling communications with students and parents.  The attendance section can be set up for those who are required to keep attendance daily.  If appropriate at this stage, quizzes can be developed.

Setting up courses was the beginning of my online teaching career.  We could not teach until the courses were developed.  I loved it then, and I still love having the opportunity to do it.  I would happily use one of the sites listed in TOOL with the Digital content package.  Please let me know how I can get the package to load into one of the sites.  I am using a Mac, but that should not make a difference.

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