Navigate 4.1.1 Trend Impact Quest

cloud 4

There are numerous trends being identified by educators as how the future of virtual learning will evolve.  These include emobile learning, development of new devices, gamification, and social media.  I have chosen the Cloud.

The Cloud:  The cloud is a network of servers, and each server has a different function.

Increased use of the cloud promises flexibility and cost-efficiency.  Schools will not bear the load of outdated infrastructure and investments for systems that no longer adquately serve their needs.  As rapid changes occur in software needs, the cloud will offer adaptability.  This will help with rapid development of complex solutions. Teachers can choose from an ever-increasing pool of applications that fit their curriculum.  A vast array of net-based software and tools can be accessed in the cloud.

Information on the Cloud is accesible on the go and can be viewed by many people simultaneously.  The Cloud can be used by teachers to set, collect and grade work online.  Teachers can teach anywhere, and students can learn anywhere.  Each student will have the capability of independent learning according to his/her own style.  All stakeholders will benefit from the expanding use of the cloud.

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