Communicate 1.1.1 Definitions of Communication Quest




My communication timeline, please look:


The slides show my actual journey in communication.  After my graduation from college the phone rang, and it was a former roommate from college who was driving from Florida around Atlanta on the way to her family’s place in Highlands, NC.  I kept thinking about how her family was so affluent that she could afford a car phone.

Sometimes when I am in the car I think, “Well, look at me now!”  Most of the time I take calling from wherever I am, and texting and checking my email, for granted.  Occasionally, I stop and consider the wonder of what I can do that was not possible when I was growing up.

Now I can keep up with my parents who are 91 and 94.  I can check with my husband anytime I need to.  My daughters are just a swipe and touch away.  My grandkids prefer to text, but at least we stay in touch. This is on the personal side.  I do not Facebook and I do not Twitter.  In addition to my longstanding concern about their vulnerability to hackers, I just do not have time to do either.  My personal belief is that texting, emailing, Facebook and Twitter are in the long run dehumanizing.  I will continue to use technology to communicate, but I’ll do it thoughtfully and selectively.

Amazingly, I can take my classroom anywhere with me.  My students can communicate with me anytime, or leave a voicemail if need be.  Most of my students are on PDT and MDT, so they often call after my office hours.  If I am away from home, I am still accessible.

Students are going to increasingly use smart phones and pads in classrooms.  Students who are totally virtual can already access their LSM and live classes on devices.  Chats, IM’s, discussion boards, email, synchronous tools, Skype…all of these and more will expand horizons for students beyond the classroom, state and country.  The world will open even wider for our students because of the technology we have and the technology we have not even envisioned yet.

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