Communicate 2.1.1 Identify Stakeholders Quest



Stakeholders are those who have a vested interest in an enterprise.  In a virtual school, the number and roles of stakeholders vary according to the structure of the virtual school. I have taught in the last few years in a situation which once included centers where students went for one to five days.  They had virtual instruction only on the days when they were at home.  Our stakeholders included the teachers in the centers and the directors of the centers.  Those people are no longer in our current structure.  This school is basically a for profit with brick and mortar schools and a purely virtual school.  Therefore, there are corporate entities who provide the baseline for the schools.  The brick and mortar schools sometimes use our virtual classes, particularly in World Language.  Then we have the principals of those schools and facilitators who are in the classroom during synchronous classes.  Each state, in which we have a charter school that is purely virtual, has a Head of School.  In addition to the HOS in the charter virtual environment, we have teachers, department chairs/coordinators, instructional coordinators, advisors, student services, a manager of e-learning and a director of e-learning.  Then we also, most importantly, have students.  We have parents, grandparents, and guardians.  We have specialists for IEP’s and 504’s.

The stakeholders, as we see, vary according to the structure of the school.  For students  and grow, it is imperative that the stakeholders have a common vision.  That vision must center around the students and their educational success.  Stakeholders must be available to one another and communicate and work together for the students to meet their goals.


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