Communicate 3.2.1 The Newsletter Quest



I believe that students and parents need to be reminded that we are real people, not just some unreachable authoritarian figure living in academia land.  I remember when I was teaching in a ground school when students and parents saw me in a grocery store or restaurant, they were sometimes taken aback.  It was a leap for the to see me as a real person who has to shop and eat.  Our communications need to formal enough to accomplish their intent.  The can also show our stakeholders who we are, what  our personalities are like and that we are really human.  The they can relate more fully to us as their teachers.

This is an example of a mass email sent to parents (and students) to give an update on progress in the course and to keep interest and involvement high.

Dear Parents,

The end of October is a busy time for our students.  Grading Period 1 ends and Grading Period 2 begins. Spansh students have been working diligently to take care of missed assignments and make improvements in their grades.

We have had an interesting subject to explore.  It sounds a little bizarre, this Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead,) but it is fundamentally a happy celebration of family and love.  The roots of this celebration lie in ancient Aztec culture.  Today Hispanics, especially in Mexico, take time to cook, decorate, dress in costumes and remember their friends and family who have gone before them.  The celebration actually lasts for three days!  I particularly like that the main flower of this celebration is the yellow marigold, one of my favorites.

So, we have watched an excellent video showing the various items displayed, eaten, decorated and worn.  Skeletons are very popular.  They even make a special treat called calaveritas de azúcar.  These are little skulls made out of sugar.  In fact, everyone eats so many sweets, the parents are surely reminding their kids to brush their teeth over and over!

As always, please monitor your child’s progress and encourage following the checklist and attending Collaborates.

Happy end of October!


Mrs. Abell


Here is a newsletter about a new unit:


This is a Welcome Email to a student who has enrolled after the start date:



We are so happy to have you in French this year. We are going to learn a lot of French and, hopefully, have some fun doing it.

First, please look on the homepage of the course, down the right side to the widget named Language Software. Watch the video that is linked at the bottom of the widget for an Introductory Video.   You will learn that the link to your language software is always in this widget, along with how to know your username and password in your software. Your username is the regular one you use to log into ZZZZZZZ and your courses: firstname.lastname.

The password is: xxx

Please go to your Checklist in the course and begin with the Week-ending 11/29 Checklist.  Just continue with each week that follows. Try to catch up to the current week as soon as you can.

Here are some basic things to remember:

  1. Log into your Learning Environment every weekday. This is where we take attendance. Please do not go directly to Language Software each day.
  2. Read the NEWS every day. This is where we post important information. Remember, things can change from time to time. This is where new info and changes will be posted.
  3. Keep up with your checklist.
  4. EMAIL or CALL if you have questions or need help! Contact info is in Teacher Information on the homepage.
  5. Complete assignments by midnight on Friday. Your grades will be posted by Monday morning.
  6. Please stay in touch….especially if you need something!

We are going to have a great year!!!


Barbara Abell

World Languages Coordinator




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