Communicate 4.2.1 Feedback Quest


croc family

The standards are:

MLI.INT1 The students demonstrate understanding of simple spoken and written language
presented through a variety of media in the target language and based on topics such
as self, family, school, etc. The students:

A. Identify main ideas and some details when reading and listening.
B. Comprehend simple, culturally authentic announcements, messages, and
C. Understand simple instructions, such as classroom procedures.
D. Demonstrate Novice-Mid proficiency in listening and reading comprehension.

MLI.P1 The students present information orally and in writing that contains a variety of
vocabulary, phrases, and patterns. The students:

A. Present information gathered from a variety of sources such as informal
conversations, class presentations, interviews, readings, and media.
B. Give basic information about self and others including school, family, activities,
C. Demonstrate Novice-Mid proficiency in oral and written presentations with
respect to proper pronunciation, intonation, and writing mechanics.

MLI.P2 The students present brief, rehearsed material in the target language, such as
dialogues, skits, poetry, and songs. The students:

A. Demonstrate Novice-Mid proficiency in pronunciation and intonation when
presenting rehearsed material.
B. Demonstrate comprehension of rehearsed material.

In this project the students will create a family tree to introduce the members of their family or another family, real or fictional.  This option is provided because so many students no longer come from what we consider a traditional family, due to divorce and remarriage. I do not want any student to feel embarrassed, and the vocabulary at this point does not include step-XXXXX.  This powerpoint is given to them as an instructional tool and as a example.  The students may develop their tree in any format.  The project will be presented orally to the class.

This PPT will be an artifact for the students to review:


The project presentation rubric:

rubric png


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