Capstone for the Create Quest



We use terms like “aggregate,” which is the massed collection of disparate elements, and we primarily talked about rocks.  We talked about a curator, and this was someone who was a expert at an art gallery or museum who put together an exhibit with integrity.  Tools were either in the toolbox or hanging from pegboard hooks.  We regularly pulled out the hammer, phillips head and pliers to fix and decorate. A storyboard was only found at a movie set.  Animation was came from Disney Studios and comics were the province of Marvel.  We knew the Boston Commons, but not the Creative Commons.  TEACH was instruction, not an Act.  We read about Genghis Khan, not Khan Academy.

Now we use these weird words like Prezi, Wordle, Pixton, Jing, and Diigo.  This is all because our world has turned upside down.  Our children don’t feel that way because many of these radical changes started just as they were being born. What does this mean for us?   For teachers the digital evolution does at least two major things.  It keeps us on our toes as change occurs so rapidly and it gives us resources that can only be called extraordinary.  Well. they were extraordinary just over a decade ago, and now they are becoming the norm, if not the expected.

Learners of different styles can now have their needs met as never before.  Teachers can rather quickly learn how to create high quality differentiated activities.  The sun has not set on the day of the multiple-choice or short answer quiz, but teachers can develop exemplary assessments that are as differentiated as their instruction.

Now we aggregate websites, then we curate them, and we locate and utilize choice tools.  Then with these resources we create images, audio, animation, cartoons, videos, blogs, learning modules, and virtual courses.  We teachers have never before had this much power to develop exemplary “content” and assessments to facilitate the intellectual development of our students.  The world as a whole will only become increasingly digital.  We can jump in now to enhance our own lives and the lives of our students.

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