Create 2.1.3 Using Web 2.0 Tools to Differentiate Student Assessment Quest


cartoon stamps


Students will use Pixton to create a dialogue.  They will sign in to Mrs. Abell’s class for everything they need.

1.  Students will watch the video that accompanies each step.

2.  They will create a cartoon of at least three panels.

3.  They may choose their own characters and background as long as the background is appropriate for the dialogue.

4.  There will be a minimum of two panels with two speech bubbles.

5.  Double check the text for correct accents, gender and number.

6.  The final step is to record the text for each speech bubble.

7.  The cartoon should be saved to my class in Pixton.

8.  The following example is available for students to see.

Please view the cartoon.  If the audio does not play automatically, there are yellow buttons on the speech bubbles.

Here is a second type of assessment.


Please go to this site and “play” Cards, Learn, Speller, and Scatter and take A+Test. The students will use the activities to learn and review the content. Then, the A+Test will be used as the assessment.




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