Create 4.1.1 Define and Explain Learning Object Authoring Tools Quest



Hot Potatoes has six applications and is a downloaded program.  It is free.  You can create activities that are short-answer, crossword, fill in the gap, jumbled sentences, and multiple-choice.  The applications are interactive.  These could be used as a pre-test, activities during the module and review. It is available for Windows, and for Mac.  It no longer has technical support available.

Quizlet is free, unless you want to load images into the activities.  Putting images in activities, however, is easy to do from their repository.  Since we do not teach World Languages by translating to and from English, the use of images is essential.  In Quizlet you can make matching activities and quizzes, flashcards and Scatter games.  You can add audio yourself or use their program which translates into 18 languages.  There is an app available for iPhones and androids.  A set can be created and then used in a variety of activities.  These activities can be used for pre-testing, activities, review and for assessment.

Pixton allows the user to create comics that communicate graphically.  The selected characters are posable and can be enhanced with props and speech bubbles.  This product is free for limited usage.  This tool allows teachers to create highly engaging activities.

Audacity is an excellent recording and editing system.  I have edited recordings that were to the split second.  It is available for Windows and Mac and is free. Teachers can use this tool for all audio needs.  Students can also use it for assignments.


Quia costs $45 a year for a teacher to use for creating activities.  I like Quia so much because of the variety of activities, including Battleship and a Jeopardy-type activity.  You can add audio.  Images can be uploaded into Quia and then placed in activities.  It is more time-consuming than placing images in Quizlet.  You can prepare a list and use it in a variety of activities. These activities can be used for pre-testing, activities, review and for assessment.

Articulate Storyline builds fantastic interactive learning modules.  It has audio and produces a high quality product.  It, however, is over $1300.  The premium online version is right at $6,000, but the information in the store does not articulate how many people can use it.  It can also be rented by the month.  If the usage covered an entire school that is in the development process, it could be worth investigating.  Articulate could be used to create full modules, from what I saw.

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