Evaluate 1.1.1 Formative Assessment Quest



Formative assessments help teachers and students plot a course…literally.  A teacher can ascertain how proficient the students are with the recently explored content.  Students can determine what are their strengths and possible weaknesses.  Grades do not apply in formative assessments, in fact, grading these assessments could have a negative effect.

Teachers need to plan how to “plot” the next portion of the course.  Have the students grasped the content, have only a few grasped it?  With data in hand the teacher can plan the next steps of instruction.  Perhaps a group needs to review, and the rest can move on.  This is where differentiation becomes a determiner of how to proceed.

The choices of tools for this type of assessment is beyond count.  In the virtual setting, some of those are not practical.  So, we choose from the long list what will be effective in our venue.

Some include digital games, discussions, surveys in synchronous meetings, Wordle, Lino (sticky note cork board), Socrative (smart student response system), Padlet, and Open activities on established sites.  The activity, in my opinion, should have as little resemblance to a quiz or test as possible.  Students need to develop the attitude that this is not work for a major grade.  The less they look at it like a graded assessment, the more genuine and active their involvement will be.

The following formative assessment is during the study of colors and the agreement in gender and number with nouns modified by colors.  The first part is a short review with audio, then the formative assessment follows.  Please be sure that you are in the course with the student view (upper right hand of screen let’s you choose that ) Go to the assignment by clicking on Les couleurs.  The username is babell13 and the password is cknhppp13.



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