Evaluate 1.1.3 The Summative Assessment Quest


la mode

The best summative feedback in a World Language usually includes reading, writing, listening and speaking.  This assessment does not include reading, because the primary skills being addressed here are writing and speaking.  When the student give the oral presentation, the teacher will ask some questions, so listening is touched upon.

This assessment has the following directions for the students.  Please click on the link below to see the rubric being used.


Mademoiselle Delacroix has just received a dividend on some stock she owns.  She intends to spend it on “un nouveau look”…a sort of clothes closet make-over.  Use you vocabulary on clothing, colors and styles to design a new look for her.  It may be casual or dressy, your choice.  Choose at least 10 items of clothing and at least 4 colors.  She may not be wearing all of the new items at the same time, but she has them close by.  Write in complete sentences about what she is wearing and what she has.  Watch for agreement.

After you write your account of her look, draw an image using all of the items she bought.  You know that I am the queen of stick figures, so if that is what you can do, that is fine.  She draw a representation that matches your written description.

Tomorrow we are having a virtual fashion show during our live class.  This will be the speaking section of this assessment.  If you have any questions about pronunciation, please email me, and I’ll help you.

Please place a copy of your written description and your image in the dropbox.  PLEASE, make a copy of both so that you can keep a copy to study for the speaking.


summative pdf



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