Evaluate 3.1.1 Differentiation Quest



differentiation cell cell differentiation


Grade sheet.

Tool 3.1.1 grades

This French 1 class is shown on a .xlsx so that it could be color coded.  It was originally a .csv file so that it could be uploaded directly into the import grades function of D2L.  The first thing to note is that I would change the L1 Speaking assignment to the “green” slot after L3 Pronunciation.  The students across the board needed more time to absorb the material and practice in Pronunciation activities before they were asked to speak.  For some students in WL we find the same thing as ELL, the silent period, when they are simply not ready to speak in front of others.  They are still absorbing and assimilating.  Even the students who excelled in other areas of the course had difficulties here.

I would have asked for an intervention sooner with Student N.  I had made contact, but this student obviously needed multiple people working with him.  Student G had special needs.  The course needs additional assignments prepared for students with these issues.  Students E and F just disappeared, and I learned they had withdrawn from all classes.  It did not seem to be an issue with this class, rather something altogether other.

E and F show how important it is to stay in touch with the students who are doing well.  I do not know if I could have done anything more to keep them in the class, but we should never stop trying.  For the others who struggled, I reiterate that the course needs some alternative assignments available.  Ideally they should be prepared and held in waiting so that the teacher does not have to do that mid-semester.

G had some special live class tutoring times, but struggled with the content.  N just stopped responding to all communications and stopped being accessible by phone.  I believe, with other colleagues, that some students just do not answer when they see a teacher’s phone number come up on their phones.

The bottom line is to examine grades on a weekly basis and find trends that require intervention, whether it is in the content or with the students.  Keeping parents informed is critical throughout the course.  Whether or not the student is satisfied with a course and the school often hinges on how satisfied the parents are.  Parents are important stakeholders in the decision about continuing in virtual learning or not.


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