Evaluate 3.1.2 Self-Reflection on Teaching Abilities Quest



This is a portfolio of my experience.  Please click on full screen when the PowerPoint comes up.

ba-ppt-portfolio 5-26

More PowerPoint presentations from Barbara Abell


This is my most recent evaluation.

Individualized Professional Development Plan

When I started working for an online school, the courses did not exist.  I developed about two weeks ahead of the students.  Somehow, we made it.  Then, there were more courses to be developed and more students.  It was heady because virtual education was in its infancy, and we were pulling all of our tools to the limit to create courses with solid content and differentiation.  In Georgia we all knew everyone who was involved in online learning because we were a relatively small group and all collaborating to create what exists today.  Some of us even had been working together in ground schools as we moved into virtual education.  While the number of virtual schools, teachers and administrators have proliferated, I am working today with educators who were part of that first year of Georgia Virtual.  So, while it is a large and growing world, it still has small world qualities.

While the courses have undergone many changes, I am still proud of those Georgia Virtual Courses I developed and co-developed, French 1, French 2, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, German 1, and Japanese 1.   They are a kind of legacy to those of us who started developing with very few tools compared to what is available today.  They are some of my artifacts, although they no longer exist in their original form.

This past year I had an experience that was quite different from my early course development.  The University of California must approve every course for which a high school graduate earns credit if he is to enroll in a college or university in the system.  The guidelines were stringent and demanded intense work under a short deadline.  As Coordinator of World Languages for a charter school in California, I worked on this project and saw our courses approved by UC.  I also developed ELL course for the California charter school for students in K – 8.  At the time I was also teaching French 1, 2 and 3; Spanish for middle school and K – 5 Spanish.  When specific needs arose, I was able to offer the coursework and teach the students.  I am now certified in California, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado and, of course, Georgia.  In addition students in those states, I also taught students in India and Mexico.  I would like to offer one artifact for teaching in four US time zones and one in India.  This meant using D2L’s sections and groups to offer diverse checklists, news, discussions and assessments by restrictions.

I have presented on virtual learning at FLAG and at the regional Desire 2 Learn Conference.  During professional learning sessions I have presented on World Languages, Blackboard/Collaborate, working with ELL students and special uses of PowerPoint.  As  Coordinator of World Languages for the charter schools I trained, worked with and evaluated the teachers of French, Spanish, German and Latin.

Here is the way I look at working online…it changes often, and without notice, but it is never boring.  I look at the virtual world of education with anticipation every day.  I am genuinely enthusiastic about virtual education and working with students.

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