Newsletter 2



Lavender in Provence, France

Dear Parents:

Time is flying, and it is already time for our next update newsletter.  This one will begin much as the last one did.  Your students are among the most respectful and responsive I have had the pleasure to teach.  Their requests and comments are polite.  One of the best things I can say is that they are asking questions and showing a real interest in their work.  I have had phone calls, emails and texts.  They need help. and many don’t waste time  asking for it.  This is ideal.  This is what keeps us on track with a successful course.  Students who struggle and do not ask for help will simply continue to struggle.

Please ask your student if he or she is getting in touch with me if there are questions.  If they say “yes,’ please give them your positive feed back.  If they say “no,” then please remind them that I am here, not to be an umpire, but to be a coach.  No one wants them to succeed more than I do.  Tell them  I am the encourager.  Oh, and I welcome communication from parents and facilitators!  Live sessions are on Mondays at 4:30PM.  If your students need some visual help at other times, we can schedule a time to go into my office together and work.

Grades have just been updated.  Please use your view to look and see what progress your student is making.

We continue working and enjoying cognates…remember from our last newsletter that these are words that look similar, sound similar, and mean the same thing.  Have a look and listen below.


Barbara Abell


No images needed. Yes, for all of the fame of French cuisine, they have borrowed some from us.  H” is always silent in French:

le hot dog        le hamburger        le coca cola

Please click to listen:  



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