Newsletter 10/1/15

Autumn in ParisThe  leaves are turning here as they are in Paris.  In Paris they lay a beautiful carpet of gold over this wide sidewalk. .  It means for us the arrival soon of our much-enjoyed celebration of Halloween.  The French have begun in the last few years to adopt Halloween as a celebration in France.  For students at Georgia Virtual School Halloween also means that Thanksgiving will be arriving soon.  The return from Thanksgiving holidays means the imminent completion of the fall semester.

Time is moving quickly.  Please encourage your students to stay current with their assignments.  Please use the auditor’s login to look at what your student is accomplishing in French.  Progress Reports have just gone out and this is a little reminder about that.  If you need the instructions for creating the Parent Portal to the course, please click below.

Parent Portal Set-up

I want to remind you that I am available by email and phone if you have questions or if your student needs help.  This class has been very good about letting me know they don’t understand or need help.  It really makes a difference.


Please encourage your student to participate in the annual speaking contest.  All of the information is on the homepage of the course.  It will take place in Adobe, so you don’t even have to leave home.


Bonne Halloween!citrouille-gravure


Mrs. Abell

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