March 3 Update

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March 3, 2016

Dear Parents,

Your student’s grades in French 1B were updated on Tuesday. To see the most current grades, please log in with your parent portal credentials. Instructions for setting up the parent portal were in the welcome email I sent. If you need the information again, please let me know.

Currently we are studying how to talk about buildings, how to go shopping and various past-times. The students have been submitting some fine projects. Please ask your student to see recent projects.

GAVS does not allow extra credit nor bonus points. These do not enhance learning and mastery of the standards of the course. However, Remediations are offered in each chapter of the French 1B course. Here is an explanation of how Remediations work:

During the school year, there are often opportunities to extend students’ learning or to provide enrichment or alternative assessments for students to demonstrate their knowledge. When offering remediation opportunities to students, please keep in mind that remediation/mastery opportunities should be designed to allow students to fully master the content/standards of their courses and promote deeper understanding. The purpose of remediation is not to allow students to make up assignments that they did not complete or did not invest adequate time/effort on. We want to ensure that our students have every opportunity to master course content; but want to avoid artificially inflating grades.

A student can earn a 10% addition to an existing grade in the same chapter as the Remediation. The Remediation opportunities are listed under chapters 6 through 10 in the Livebinder. The link to the Livebinder is on the homepage of the course. Please encourage your student to complete the Remediations. A student may earn more than 100 on a single assignment, but the maximum course grade is 100.

As always, please get in touch with me and encourage your student to do the same if you have any questions.

Barbara Abell


French Teacher




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