Newsletter 10/20/16

Autumn in ParisThe  leaves are turning here as they are in Paris.  In Paris they lay a beautiful carpet of gold over this wide sidewalk. .  It means for us the arrival soon of our much-enjoyed celebration of Halloween.  The French have begun in the last few years to adopt Halloween as a celebration in France.  For students at Georgia Virtual School Halloween also means that Thanksgiving will be arriving soon.  The return from Thanksgiving holidays means the imminent completion of the fall semester.


Time is moving quickly.  Please encourage your students to stay current with their assignments.  Please use the auditor’s login to look at what your student is accomplishing in French.  Progress Reports have just gone out and this is a little reminder about that.  If you need the instructions for creating the Parent Portal to the course, please click below.

Parent Portal Set-up

I want to remind you that I am available by email and phone if you have questions or if your student needs help.  This class has been very good about letting me know they don’t understand or need help.  It really makes a difference.


Please encourage your student to participate in the annual speaking contest.  All of the information is on the homepage of the course.  It will take place in Adobe, so you don’t even have to leave home.



Bonne Halloween!citrouille-gravure


Mrs. Abell

Paris…un peu d’histoire

Students have an opportunity for enrichment by viewing this PowerPoint on Paris.  It is available early in French 1 and is of sufficient depth that it is in English for these students new to French.

There is significant text for those who read well.  An abundance of images appeals to the visual learners.  The narration is helpful to the auditory learners.  Students who respond well to the unusual and quirky enjoy the “locks” on bridges slides.

They are encouraged to respond to what they find new and interesting in the early history of Paris.  They can also point out what aspects of the city itself they find most engaging.  Most will want to comment on the romantic idea of the”locks” on bridges placed there by those in love.

Paris – un peu d’histoire

Paris pour Chapitre 7

This presentation is an enrichment activity to present a panorama of Paris in French as the students study a chapter on the city.  This view of Paris shows the architecture, museums, history and culture of the capital of France.  Students then have the opportunity respond to the most interesting site or the site they would most like to visit.

The text is in French and is especially enriching for those students who are gaining greater fluency.  For the students who have not reached that fluency, there is the written French with narration in English.  Visual learners find that numerous images enhance their learning.  Students get an overview of the city many consider the most beautiful.  In their comments, numbers of students talk about their desire to visit Paris one day and use the French they have learned.

EPortfolio 2015-16 Student Work exemplars

Students create a project in PowerPoint for each chapter/module in the French 1 courses.  They are required to create a minimum of 4 slides using the chapter vocabulary and an audio exemplar for the project.  Some of the new PowerPoint programs do not have the facility for recording and sending audio.  Students then use a separate program (Vocaroo is preferred for its ease of use and posting.)

These are exemplars of student projects:

Student work Ch 9

First project

Student work Ch 10

Project 2

Student work for Ch 1

Project 3

Student work Ch6

Project 4

Chapter 6 project

This student did resubmit with this project which was much closer to the assignment.  She moved her grade from a 30 to a 60.  She learned from her mistakes and was more successful on the projects that followed.  A major issue was that she did not really read the directions for the project.  It looked like she had used material from a previous report she had done.  Since this was the first project, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  I did post a News item reminding all students that their work in the course needed to be new and their own.

Ch 6 feedback 1

Ch 6 feedback 2

Ch 6 feedback 3

Ch 6 feedback 4


March 3 Update

printemps boutique



March 3, 2016

Dear Parents,

Your student’s grades in French 1B were updated on Tuesday. To see the most current grades, please log in with your parent portal credentials. Instructions for setting up the parent portal were in the welcome email I sent. If you need the information again, please let me know.

Currently we are studying how to talk about buildings, how to go shopping and various past-times. The students have been submitting some fine projects. Please ask your student to see recent projects.

GAVS does not allow extra credit nor bonus points. These do not enhance learning and mastery of the standards of the course. However, Remediations are offered in each chapter of the French 1B course. Here is an explanation of how Remediations work:

During the school year, there are often opportunities to extend students’ learning or to provide enrichment or alternative assessments for students to demonstrate their knowledge. When offering remediation opportunities to students, please keep in mind that remediation/mastery opportunities should be designed to allow students to fully master the content/standards of their courses and promote deeper understanding. The purpose of remediation is not to allow students to make up assignments that they did not complete or did not invest adequate time/effort on. We want to ensure that our students have every opportunity to master course content; but want to avoid artificially inflating grades.

A student can earn a 10% addition to an existing grade in the same chapter as the Remediation. The Remediation opportunities are listed under chapters 6 through 10 in the Livebinder. The link to the Livebinder is on the homepage of the course. Please encourage your student to complete the Remediations. A student may earn more than 100 on a single assignment, but the maximum course grade is 100.

As always, please get in touch with me and encourage your student to do the same if you have any questions.

Barbara Abell


French Teacher