Newsletter 10/20/16


Dear Parents and Students.

This newsletter will present how Halloween arrived in France. It also serves as our course update about grading.

Students are in the process of studying family and celebrations. It has been interesting that, in addition to Noël (Christmas), almost every French student has mentioned Halloween as a favorite celebration. Please watch the video below to see how Halloween came to France and how it is celebrated.

Grades have been updated. Please continue to follow your student’s progress in the course via the parent auditor tool. We are rapidly approaching the final weeks of the course. Please encourage your student to keep eyes focused on the goal…successful completion of the course and an increasing grasp of French!

Please continue to remind your student that I am just a phone call or email away if help is needed.

Joyeux Halloween.

Barbara Abell

Live Binders

Le Métro

Le Métro

This resource was created by a Georgia Virtual School teacher.  There are many good references.  When the schedule directs you to an assignment in Live Binders, this is how you access the resource.

Click here for access to LiveBinder

balloon and vine                  provence

Newsletter/update – 1/20/2013

paris snowHi,

We have reached our first milestone…the first progress report. The students have worked diligently to complete their assignments. Please remember that for any submission deadline, there must be a cut-off after which zeros are put in. Students may make a submission after the deadline for late credit; however, their zero may not be replaced with a grade if the teacher has already pushed grades into the Progress Reports system. It will be replaced when re-graded.

To see the most up-to-date information on grades and completed assignments, you need to log into the parent auditor site. If you need the information on creating that site, please let me know.

We have reviewed important verbs from first semester and new verbs have been added to the students’ repertoire. Being able to describe weather has been a major element of the last two week study. We are making a virtual trip to Paris during this chapter. We have just looked at the Métro, the major intown transportation system. Students have seen what it looks like and how to find their way through city by using the Métro map to locate lines, stations and the direction in which they want to go

A number of students wrote in their first Discussion that they hope to go to Paris in the future. This information will help them navigate the beautiful City of Lights.

As always, I am an email or phone call away. My contact information is below. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions.


Barbara Abell678-591-7469

metro entrance                         train in station

Newsletter 10/1/15

Autumn in ParisThe  leaves are turning here as they are in Paris.  In Paris they lay a beautiful carpet of gold over this wide sidewalk. .  It means for us the arrival soon of our much-enjoyed celebration of Halloween.  The French have begun in the last few years to adopt Halloween as a celebration in France.  For students at Georgia Virtual School Halloween also means that Thanksgiving will be arriving soon.  The return from Thanksgiving holidays means the imminent completion of the fall semester.

Time is moving quickly.  Please encourage your students to stay current with their assignments.  Please use the auditor’s login to look at what your student is accomplishing in French.  Progress Reports have just gone out and this is a little reminder about that.  If you need the instructions for creating the Parent Portal to the course, please click below.

Parent Portal Set-up

I want to remind you that I am available by email and phone if you have questions or if your student needs help.  This class has been very good about letting me know they don’t understand or need help.  It really makes a difference.


Please encourage your student to participate in the annual speaking contest.  All of the information is on the homepage of the course.  It will take place in Adobe, so you don’t even have to leave home.


Bonne Halloween!citrouille-gravure


Mrs. Abell