Mrs. Barbara Abell – Opening Doors Through Language

My journey in education has followed a path teaching in schools face-to-face from K through 12 and college.  I have taught French, English, ESOL and Spanish.  For the past ten years I have taught virtual courses in French, ESOL and Spanish.  My student have been ten states, Bermuda, Mexico,  Dubai and India.

My study of French began in high school and continued at Mercer University, Macon, GA, where I added Spanish as a minor.  At Emory University, Atlanta, GA, I received an MA with a major in French and a minor in Spanish.  At Georgia State University I completed graduate studies in ESOL (ELL.)  I love to teach, and no matter which subject is involved, what challenges and fulfills me is working with students and seeing them grow and succeed.

I started in face-to-face schools and have been teaching virtually for over ten years.  Virtual education is an exciting and growing field.  Using the remarkable tools that the digital age has produced gives us all a whole new world learning…a world engaging us in fresh approaches to education.

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